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Brooks Wade

a close up of clouds in the sky

The Wonder Benches. There are two of them at Devils Fork State Park, thanks to the generosity of Friends of Jocassee. One faces out on the lake from the day use area, the other just above the working dock. Both are perfectly good places to plant oneself and just take in the wonder of Jocassee. The landscape of the lake and gorges from the dock bench is simply intoxicating. It is surely one of the most magnificent landscapes to be seen on this fine earth. And yet, it is the little things that absorb me. The Rough-winged swallows darting about, chasing insects too small to see. The ever-so-cranky geese, steering their brood along the grassy berms. The buzzards, extending their wings to catch the first thermal of the day in early morning, or gliding in to roost at the end of the day. I’m perfectly happy just sitting there for long stretches. It’s a wonder. ~B

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