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February 5, 2024

a man holding a fish

SPRING? Maybe so. It sure seemed like it this week. Cool mornings, mild afternoons, it’s been entirely lovely to be on the lake. There are ring-billed gulls on the lake in big numbers, most everywhere you look. The loons seem to be concentrated in a few areas, but they’re feeding heavily. That’s a sign that bait fish are getting more active and coming closer to the surface, as the fisher folks on the lake seem to know. On Friday, out with a group of Life-Long Learners from Wofford University, it took a while to find a few to hang out with, but find them we did. They are so entertaining when absorbed in a feeding frenzy. I spent a couple of days just below Columbia this week. The maples were blooming and the trees were setting leaves. So an early Spring? Maybe so. ~B

Water temperatures are in the low 50’s now, which means it’s time to spend every spare second on the water chasing our trophy brown and rainbow trout. Along with the trout, good quality bass are being caught daily as well.

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