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Sheryl White

a large body of water

Each morning, before leaving the dock, I double check my weather app & Duke’s lake levels site just to be as certain as possible about the forecast for the day and what shoals to watch for.  Feeling fairly confident the predicted storms would start after we finished our tours, we set out in search of adventure.  Before long, we were tasting honeysuckle nectar, listening to a raven croak it’s greeting or complaint, & floating through ribbons of tree pollen into quiet coves in search of elusive animals, wildflowers and the soft sounds of trickling streams. Mountain laurel, maple leaf viburnums and gorge rhododendrons were lighting up the shoreline and hillsides.  We stopped near a beautiful cascade in Laurel Fork Creek and watched a large bait ball of fish shimmer as it moved through the water. The two  common loons, one adult, and one juvenile  close by would certainly be sorry to have missed this buffet.  As we started across the open water toward the Horsepasture River, the clouds, in various shades of gray, were building above the mountains.  I took advantage of the limited cell service at that moment to check the radar and saw an approaching storm cell. We made the decision to head downstream to try to beat the rain. As we docked and made our way to our cars, the heavy rain began & all ‘hail’ broke loose.  A second boat behind us missed the whole thing!  That’s Jocassee for you!  You make the best decisions you can with the information you have.  Our guests were thankful to be in their cars and dry…so was I. Our insurance companies on the other hand,  may not be that thankful when we submit our claims! ~Sheryl White, JLT guide.

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