Down they come. A cooling breeze makes oak leaves fall like tannin-tinted snowflakes. They land soft, with a pattering sound. Fifty trees in front of me participate in synchronous leaf-drop, and leaves spiral down from the towering canopy. They sound like rain, like snow. Then the fall is over and the woods are quiet. One leaf here, one leaf there falls, but no symphony. Watch a leaf fall and listen to the light, definite sound as it touches down. Oak leaves are weighty, well-stitched cellulose with a feel all their own. Pick one up and admire its lobed architecture and tough structure. Crush one in your hand: it hardly crumbles, and won’t until the new has rubbed off the New Year. A blanket of leaves covers the ground, rustling underfoot in tune to the movement of bird and squirrel, dog and man.~K

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