Have you ever wished to go further and deeper into the study of the Jocassee Gorges? This program allows you to do just that. Eight core courses and three elective requirements are available, so study what interests you most, or take all eight core classes and one elective to become a certified Jocassee Naturalist. The Jocassee Wild Naturalist Series allows you to take your time, learning and playing in the Gorges. Since learning never ends, advanced classes are available upon completion of the core courses.




Jocassee Lake Tours is excited to present the Jocassee Wild Naturalist Series! Join us in becoming lifelong Jocassee Gorges students. This certificate program will take you further up and further in to the Jocassee Gorges, gaining deeper knowledge of what makes this place so spectacular and how we can work together to conserve it. Alongside expert instructors and with enriching field experiences, participants will explore geology, ecology, natural history, and much more. Eight core classes and three elective classes will be offered throughout the year, with the flexibility to finish in one year or across several years. Advanced classes in specialized subjects, such as Ferns, Lichens, and Seasonal Birding will be added for those who complete the certificate and still want to learn more.
To complete the Jocassee Wild Program participants are required to take the 8 core classes. These classes will set a solid foundation for everything Gorges and are guaranteed to leave you wanting to know still more! THE JOCASSEE GORGES INTRODUCTION CLASS IS A REQUIRED PREREQUISITE TO THE PROGRAM.
  1. Intro
  2. Geology/Climatology
  3. Stream and Lake Ecology
  4. Plant Communities
  5. Animal Communities
  6. Plant/Animal Relationships
  7. Seasons (Spring and Fall) in the Gorges
  8. History of the Gorges


  1. Fly Fishing
  2. Hiking the Foothills Trail
  3. Foraging 




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