After three years of growing scientific interest in the loons of Lake Jocassee, the time has finally come for the 3 year Earthwatch research project to begin, studying for the first time ever winter loon behavior in a fresh   water habitat. Volunteers from the 4 corners are coming to our little patch of paradise, to be star struck and confounded that such an incredible place like this even exists in the southern United States. We spent our time today with the project scientists,     going over the daily regime of observation and data collection that is the heart of what field biologists do. I intend to be one smart loon observer when these few weeks are done. I thought I pretty much knew most everything there is to know about our Jocassee loons, but today I learned that loons yawn! Who knew? I’ll try to get a photo of a loon yawning over these next few weeks, and post it right here. Stay tuned.





Salem, SC


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  • 26 Feb 2017

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