It's a good day for an outside nap, but man, is it noisy out here.


It’s a good day for an outside nap, but man, is it noisy out here. Constant flutter of wings from bird feeder to bush, scolding titmice requesting, no doubt, that I remove myself from the premises, drumming of piliated woodpecker looking for lunch, and the long, low whining of squirrels… the one sound of nature that gets on my nerves. Sorry, squirrels... I love you, but you know it's true. Inexplicably, a rain shower falls from a mostly blue sky, adding the light sound of patter on drying leaves for a few short minutes. Restless, I head downhill to escape the squirrels, down to where a clear stream of water trickles over tree roots and along a channel of part sand, part pebble, and where hollies and birches lend some color to the winter day. Sphagnum moss and leafy liverwort twine tight against the streambank. Two crows call back and forth (but no whining squirrels, thankfully) and a red-shouldered hawk makes a brief appearance overhead. I sit and listen for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes. Better than a nap. ~K

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