If not for Mica the Wonderful Wildlife dog I would've walked right on by


If not for Mica the Wonderful Wildlife dog I would've walked right on by, missing a swarm of termites crawling in unison, shoulder to shoulder, on the cut end of an old log. Thousands of insects, clearly not aware of any need for social distancing. Was this an episode of the "Dating Game" before nuptial flight? Were the king and queen about to make an appearance? Were they simply taking advantage of a warm and pleasant day, same as us? Mica didn't seem to know either. The crowd spilled over to an adjoining log, but the main event was clearly at Log #1. We walk on, into the shade of woods and out again onto an old, sunlit road, where the sun magically illuminates hundreds of winged insects, their double set of translucent wings shiny as quicksilver as they dip into tall, sunlit grasses. These must be angels! Then I notice the dragonflies, a dozen or so, bombing through the middle of these flying angel insects and eating them, midair, one by one. Something lightly touches down on my arm. A termite. Termite angels. Go figure. ~K

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