This kid finds a dead snake on Tahiti Beach (Lake Jocassee) and uses it to terrorize his teenage sister, who was reported to have run “straight up the cliff” to get away. Girls do not favor snakes, and have been known to break world records in the 50 yard dash when presented with the reality of a serpent--even an already dead one--in brother's hand. It’s the stuff of great “remember when” family stories… as long as you’re not the Ill-fated snake! Northern water snakes are abundant around the shore of Lake Jocassee, and that’s a fact. The mature adults have a very unfortunate resemblance to water moccasins (which don’t live in local lakes). As juveniles, they bear an even more unfortunate resemblance to copperheads. This makes our water snakes targets for destruction from both the “just-in-case-it’s-poisonous” crowd and the “the-only-good-snake-is-a-dead-snake” crowd. Poor snakes. Let ‘em live.~K