Wild Life

Humans aren’t the only ones seeking out Lake Jocassee on these hot, humid afternoons. Jocassee Lake Tours guides are steadily bringing stories of critter sightings to the dock. There are the usual sightings of Bald Eagles soaring overhead and Great Blue Herons posing regally on pieces of floating timber. There are less usual sightings of otters frolicking at dusk and beavers swimming to the entrance of their den. One tour – on the same day – watched an elderly doe rest after a swim across lake, followed by a good long look at a bobcat, who took an equally good long look at the boat full of guests. There has been a recent attack by surly hornets – never fun – and lots of Northern water snakes sunning on rock and logs around the shoreline. Two calm and experienced guides have reported quietly tip-toeing guests past timber rattlers coiled just off the beaten path. It’s a wild world out here in the Jocassee Gorges. ~K