What Katy Did! (Maybe)

The sun has set behind low rolling mountains, and dark is on the horizon. For us, it’s time for bed, but outside, the social scene is cranking up for the night. And it. Is. LOUD. Loud enough to be heard through a closed window, over the din of both a fan and an air conditioner. On this hot summer night the katydids are making their music – if you can call it that - and looking for love. Frankly, their jam is not to my taste. I guess if it’s your thing to attract a female by a vigorous rubbing of forewings, so be it. Despite the racket, I sleep. A few hours later I wake to hear half as much noise. Apparently someone’s getting lucky tonight, while others are still rasping away, ever hopeful of attracting the opposite sex before daybreak. When I wake again first light is a few minutes away, and there is but one lonely katydid out, there still singing a lonesome song. Poor fellow! ~K