On a warm and breezy Christmas day, Mica and I head to the woods. We’re in search of small wonders, and we are not disappointed. Mica follows her magnificent canine nose to delicious scents in every direction while I simply sit on a fallen tree and contemplate why I'm so content, simply sitting on a fallen tree in the bare winter woods. I catch sight of a group of tiny mushrooms sprouting from a nearby stump. I look closer, and there’s the a tiny snail gliding its tighly coiled shell around a branch. Anyone would be charmed. I move a piece of broken limb to reveal a tiny, beautifully camouflaged salamander, and I carefully replace the broken limb exactly as it was. I comb through a marvelously green patch of moss looking for tiny elves, or gnomes, or forest fairies, but they quickly hide. Such is the nature of small wonders. ~K