Flowers a’plenty and pollen galore. Spring along the base of the Southern Blue Ridge Escarpment is truly a time of wonder. As in:
I wonder whether you measure pollen by the ounce, or by the ton.

I wonder why mountain laurel are in full bloom here, but not a bud has opened over there.

I wonder what that wonderful smell is?

I wonder whether this caterpillar stings.

I wonder what a magnolia petal tastes like. (Not good.)

I wonder whether we’ll see any bald eagle chicks this year.

I wonder why we always see a carpenter bee when we’re in the middle of the lake.

I wonder which insect loves the color maroon?

I wonder why this sweetshrub has no smell?

I wonder what limits the range of a trillium to one watershed?

I wonder where the great blue heron hides his nest?

And so it goes. The rebirth of Spring brings the rebirth of questions, some answered anew each year, and some to remain a mystery. ~K