Bloom Time Continues

Some people mark the passage of seasons by day length or temperature; I mark the passage of time by what’s blooming around Lake Jocassee. Right now it’s Rhododendron minus, the one shrub that lacks a proper nickname all its own, making a show of lavender flowers on the west side of the lake. The beautiful star-flowered mountain laurel is fading away, just as pale Carolina rhododendron faded as mountain laurel came into full bloom. Next up will be rosebay rhododendron and sourwood trees as bloom time on Jocassee hits full summer, and soon enough the tiny flowers of devil’s walkingstick will appear, once again, as big as a baby elephant’s head. As time weaves its way through bud and leaf, flower and fruit, we can anticipate the future even as we’re enjoy the present gift of nature. ~K