Talk about gratitude. Just look at that little girl in the photo (Amora)! She is drinking in the wonder and the mystery of a late fall day on Lake Jocassee. Has this idyllic scene made an indelible impression on her young psyche? Will she grow into an adult who values wild places, and works tirelessly for their protection? Gratitude swells my heart and spills into the daily routine of this nature-based tour business, one that enables scenes like this: a child, or adult, looking out over these rippling waters, into the ancient blue hills of the Jocassee Gorges, and “getting” it. Gratitude for all who make this possible: the ones who answer every phone call with the utmost kindness and patience; the ones who put boats into the water and take them out again, multiple times a day, in all kinds of weather, and take pride in keeping these boats clean, stocked, and in good running condition; the tour guides who maintain a perennial sense of excitement and discovery while introducing guests to this special place called the Jocassee Gorges. Nothing, though, tops the gratitude I feel every day for the person who started this venture. Thanks, Brooks. You’ve done a good thing here. ~K