Gratitude, continuing

While we were waiting to be served from the local food truck on a recent Saturday night, (dinner out, Jocassee style,) I decided to count my blessings. After all, I was blessed with a warm seat and a cold beer while I waited. The strangest gratitudes kept coming to mind. Like dog hair on my going-out clothes. (Dog had to let me know how much she would miss us on our way out the door.) Like cellar spiders and palmetto bugs. (Both thankfully staying under control after all these years.) Like dirty socks (and this husband who never leaves them for me to pick up) and squirrels (who teach us what joyful play looks like) and weeds (which kept me gainfully employed for as long as I was willing to work that hard). I’m grateful for high gas prices (which kept so many boats off the water this year) and water snakes (which will clear crowds of people out of a favorite swimming spot like magic). I’ll even be grateful for college football (which keeps husbands all over the nation occupied, for hours at a time) and Claxton fruitcake (thank the lord it only comes around once a year) along with getting older (considering the alternative) and rain days. I'm always thankful for rain. ~K