Waves of whitecaps skittered across the surface of Lake Jocassee, transforming its smooth surface into a nervous froth. This is normal in a place where cool mountain air slides thousands of feet down through narrow river gorges. It’s a morning phenomenon that typically calms itself as sun rises and earth warms. But not this morning. This morning, wind continued to pummel trees, whipping them sideways, littering soggy ground with tender young leaves. Four boats bobbed gently (considering the ferocity of the wind) at the dock, and forty eager third graders donned life jackets and waited to board. And board they did, taking on the spray of a choppy lake with peals of laughter. Away they went, across the lake and into the folds of ancient mountains that tamed the wind, calmed the waters, and allowed these youngsters to have what many of them called “the BEST field trip EVER!” Such is the magic of Jocassee. ~K