Oak trees bide their time in letting go of chlorophyll so there’s still plenty of green to be seen along the base of the Blue Wall, still plenty of color left to come. It’s full-on fall though, and I close my eyes, outside on a cool and sunny day, remembering as many highlights of fall as I could. Bright red drupes of dogwood berries, leaves in colors that defy naming, lowering light in late afternoon, orb weavers, squirrel tits, stink bugs, wood smoke, me, walking trails again, soft wool sweaters, thousands of birds flying overhead in the night, monarchs winging across the lake like glowing embers in the sun, mullet runs, the smell of curing tobacco, warm socks, crisp blue sky, arrivals of loons, grebes, gulls, and bald eagles, bears and deer swimming across flooded coves, slick dry leaves, slick wet leaves, caterpillars, oysters, squirrels sounding big as a bear in the woods, static electricity, a neighbor burning his yard, long pants, frost. What would you add to this list? ~K