Rain, fog and wind. That’s the weather report from week two of studying loons on Lake Jocassee with Earthwatch scientists and volunteers. The rain was bearable, the wind was not as strong as forecast, and the fog was just awesome! Beautiful and eerie beyond description, and the densest fog I have ever had to navigate on Lake Jocassee.

Loon in the Mist

At the end of this second week, I have logged over 50 hours of loon observation, and learned more in these two weeks than in years of watching them without the benefit of such astute guidance. One more week to go for this year in this fascinating study we have been so fortunate to participate in.  I’ve got many questions that I hope will be answered in the next few days.

HIIDDEN WATERFALLS REPORT. There are several gorgeous waterfalls that are hidden by the leaf cover most of the year along the lake, only to be seen for a few months each winter. Now is the perfect time. The rivers and creeks are flooded and the waterfalls are booming. In particular, there are two waterfalls, Gaddy Falls and Tall Falls, which stand out for their remarkable hidden beauty. They are both on the lower lake, so join us for one of our Wednesday or Saturday tours if you would like to see them. Do so soon, as by mid-April the spring leaf cover will have them hidden again until next winter. ~B

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