First of all, Happy Easter week, everyone, and welcome to the rebirth of nature in the one place which explodes in spring with the greatest diversity of life in the entire of the temperate latitudes of the Western hemisphere. It’s a pretty nice place to be this time of year.

But on to life on the basin these past few days. It’s spring migration time for waterbirds, and there are loons and ducks for as far as the eye can see across the big water of the lower lake. For that matter, for as far as the eye can see with the aid of binoculars as well. It is a particular thrill to watch loons landing, taking off and flying. It’s the only time of year to witness that here.


SPRING WATERFALL REPORT. THE LEAVES ARE COMING! THE LEAVES ARE COMING! And what a blessed event it is, but with it comes the disguising of Lake Jocassee’s hidden waterfalls for the year. Now is the time to come see them, in all their booming glory this very wet spring.

SPRING BLOOM REPORT. Serviceberry is in full bloom across the lake, and one silverbell tree has been spotted. Brook saxifrage is blooming under the waterfalls!





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