Spotted sandpipers arrived en masse this week, bop- bop- bopping along. Watching them will bring a smile to your face. You gotta wonder why they do it. You can find spotted sandpipers at the mouths of rivers and creeks, and especially as you approach the Whitewater River. The Jocassee Gorges is at the southern reach of their range, but alas, few usually stay for the summer.  Most are here for a short time, amusing us for a short while. Watch their too cute behavior on this video. It’s a hoot.

OTHER ARRIVALS REPORT. Green herons, a first for me on the lake, and a sky full of swallows. I had my first day on the lake this spring without spotting a loon, but others on our team saw a few, later in the day.

BLOOM REPORT. Black locust has white clusters of fragrant pea-like flowers, and they are in full bloom. Fraser magnolia is in full bloom, with huge, creamy-white flowers. Mountain laurel and rhododendron are blooming here and there. Look more closely to find maroon-colored flowers of sweet-shrub, paw-paw, and Trillium vaseyi, or purple dwarf iris, or the elusive flowers of Dutchman’s pipe.


SWIMMERS REPORT. The surface water temperature hit 60 degrees on Friday, and next week the air temperature is forecast to reach the 80’s. So close!~B



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