I went down to the lake a while ago, at the end of this very rainy Saturday. No thunderstorms today, though, no big winds. There was plenty of that due south of us, particularly along the Gulf coast, just the right conditions to get the loons up and away in the high winds and then down again near us as they ran into the approaching front. The fog was dense but I could hear just a few loons, hooting gently, glad I am sure to be on the water and safe. Loons do not like flying over land and keep a sharp eye open for big bodies of water should the weather turn inclement. It is one of the great thrills of studying loons to be there when they ‘fall out’ of the sky as weather approaches. But not today. These birds are stragglers, the last run of those heading to their breeding lakes. It is every year a sad time, a deeply lonely time, when these great and majestic birds, my best of non-human friends, have departed. ~B