Our warm season has started and it’s been a very busy month already. Water surface temps are still in the low to mid 60’s but that hasn’t stopped a few brave souls from taking a quick dip. Hikers, cyclists, boaters and campers are everywhere, it seems. But we humans aren’t the only ones at work & play here. As Naturalists (anyone who pays attention to nature), we’ve been serenaded by Louisiana Waterthrush, Hooded Warblers & Red-eyed Vireos; scolded by squirrels, geese and belted Kingfishers for getting too close; enchanted by blue Azures, eastern Tiger & Zebra swallowtail butterflies. We’ve been saddened to see our winter birds leave but happy to see the songbirds return. We’ve been sniffing, sneezing & tasting wildflowers, tree flowers & new leaves along the trails & realizing what these insects, birds and animals teach us every day. Their roles are vital; time in nature is necessary & it supplies our needs. As we head into summer with our full schedules and time demands, please be patient with us Naturalists. We just can’t help ourselves. We have to stop, look, listen or taste something interesting along the way. Come join us in the adventure. ~Sheryl White, Jocassee Lake Tours guide.