JLT guides get together once a month for a Guides Day, which helps us team build and become better guides. This month’s trip turned out to be a little extra special. The change in seasons & decreased boat activity give Jocassee’s non-human residents & migrating species a little more freedom to move about the lake & shoreline. In recent weeks, we’ve spotted otters, coots, stilts, gulls, pied-billed grebes, wood ducks, a few early loons, squirrels & deer swimming in the lake, plus LOTS of eagles. One of the last things you’d expect to see in the water is a squirrel, right?? Well apparently, this is not unusual. We passed one swimming as we made our way up lake. A few minutes later we spotted a juvenile eagle flying low and landing on a nearby branch. Pam immediately raised her camera as we grabbed our binocs, while Zach precisely maneuvered the boat, easing ever closer to the bird. All you could hear was the shutter wildly clicking as Pam captured shot after shot. The eagle lifted off the branch, carrying its prey with it but not before Pam got some super cool photos of it and the squirrel it was carrying. This happened multiple times throughout the day. One of those times, we actually watched an eagle make several attempts before finally pulling the squirrel from the water. Not necessarily a good day for squirrels, but a great day for eagles…and a spectacular, National Geographic worthy day for us! Experiencing Jocassee with other guides (who feel more like family than friends) is definitely one of the many perks of the job and helps us make your experience even better. Please enjoy some of this exceptional photography in our Borrowed Glimpses below. ~Sheryl White, JLT guide

WEDNESDAY WILD BIRD REPORT. While looking for loons (we saw one). 2 groups of at least 20 Horned Grebes. 2 Bonaparte’s Gulls, 2 Ring-billed Gulls, 6 Buffleheads, 3 Ruddy ducks, 3 Ring-necked ducks, several Cormorants and Pied-billed Grebes, and-wait for it-one lone Ross’s Goose. What the heck was he/she even doing here? And on the following day? Over a dozen loons, feeding like crazy. Let the season of the Jocassee winterbirds begin! ~B