THE WONDERFUL DR. J. It is amazing what the love of loons has brought to my life. The friendship with Dr. Jay Mager is one shining example. Dr. Mager is one of America’s leading loon scientists and he heads up the ongoing research into the winter behavior of common loons on Lake Jocassee. This winter will be our 7th year of loon research. Dr. Mager teaches at Ohio Northern University, and for the last 3 years has brought a group of upper-level students here to study the wonders of the Jocassee Gorges and the loons that start arriving this time of year. This year we have been studying the behaviors of the forage fish upon which the early arriving loons feed, as well as the interactive behavior of the loons and fish. It has been a fruitful and fascinating 10 days. Long days on the lake, watching loons, working with Dr. Mager and his inquiring young students. It just doesn’t get any better. Thanks Dr. J. You’re pretty awesome. ~B