"A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise" Aldo Leoopold

“people who love a place protect a place” unknown

Somewhere between the lines of these two quotes resides the mission of Jocassee Lake Tours and Jocassee Wild. I used to say, when Kay and I gave talks throughout the Upstate in the early years, that JLT is a ‘vaguely for profit, thinly disguised environmental education-protection business’. The same holds true to this day, except the disguise has long ago worn off. The world is a troubled place, no matter where you live, and to address the problems in some meaningful way seems almost impossible, even overwhelming. While we can’t reach out and stop the global race to environmental doom, we can stake our claim right here, and say to the world that this place I will care for and protect. There is a huge swath of good earth here, from Oconee State Park to Gorges State Park. The land is not contiguous, but is a massive amount of wonder and diversity. It is to this bit of our planet, and especially to the even smaller but explosively beautiful and diverse Jocassee Gorges, that we dedicate our work and lives. Our job, when we get our guests on a tour for a few short hours, is to show them the wonder. It is from wonder that appreciation and love are given birth. And as someone once said, “people who love a place protect a place”. ~B