I’ve been looking up these days, these fine after Labor Day summer days. While the water is still warm and the swimming still sublime. I’ve been looking up for eagles and hawks and ducks, sure signs of nature on the move. It may seem like just another warm summer day or week here, but the transition to fall is well underway. It’s time to look up for monarch butterflies as well. The skies could be filled with them any day, and oh what fun it is to keep a count of them with children onboard. And finally I’m looking up for loons. It’s a bit of wishful thinking this early in the month, but I do know that the floaters are gathering in huge rafts up north, ready and anxious to head south. Floaters are the adult loons who were unsuccessful breeders, and who gather and socialize this time of year. They migrate first, followed by the breeding loons, and lastly the newly born loons, who find their way south without a drop of guidance from their parents. Two loons were spotted on the lake just this week. It’s almost that time! ~B