Maybe I love this book just because I know its subject so well. Its pages hold names that speak to me: Attakulla, Jocassee Town, Bear Camp, Jumping Off Rock. Maybe, because the poetry speaks of wild Jocassee, where warblers and rattlesnakes and acorns from oak trees are appreciated as part and parcel of a larger story, it speaks to my own love.  The arrangement of words captures the spiritual essence of this place, written with consciousness that springs wide open the trap of semantics. Time and again I have found myself lost in these pages, feeling the burn of muscles straining against kayak paddle in a quickening wind, and the reluctance to turn back to the dock as night falls, and the sense of melancholy remembering the Vale of Jocassee as it used to be, before, before, and before. I bow to power of these poems, and to the talent of a poet who loves Jocassee the same way I do.~K




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