What a thrill to drift towards the entrance of Whitewater River and see a great blue heron fly directly overhead, mere feet away from the boat. On Jocassee, great blue herons are notoriously unapproachable, nearly as much so as clackety kingfishers. This bird catapulted itself from its boulder in the river and flew just over the bow of the boat with slow, even beats of a four foot wingspan. It didn’t appear unduly alarmed, landing in a short distance on top of a stump protruding from the lake’s waters. And there it remained, improbably. In the narrow space between the heron’s stump and a submerged tree we crept along in our boat, passing within a few feet of the bird. That might not be a big deal to someone who regularly communes with herons off his dock on Lake Keowee. To me, with eight years of longing for a close encounter with this shy bird, it was a magic moment.~K



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