The back side of Lake Jocasse's Family Rock is packed 


The back side of Lake Jocasse's Family Rock is packed and bare from so many bare feet climbing around scrappy pine trees. From a boat on  the water, it doesn’t look like much of a jump. The edge of a rock uplifted by deep force millions of years ago angles over deep water. From the top, it can look like too much of a jump. This week I watched a 3-year-old climb to the edge of the rock and look up at her daddy with big eyes to say, “I’m scared, Daddy.” “I’m scared too,” he answered. “Are you sure you want to do this?” and after a deep, certain nod, the two of them leaped into the air together, and came up beaming. Does anyone notice the sensitive vine that grows wild on the bank, with balls of bright pink flowers and leaves that fold tight at the slightest touch? Or notice the congregation of male swallowtails slurping minerals from the bare soil? Not likely… Family Rock is all about fun!~K





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