Moist air hangs over the Blue Wall like a rumpled gray blanket, obscuring mountaintops, muffling sound. Tiny slender stalks of mushrooms rise from damp forest floor, opening into impossibly delicate parasols. Saturated leaves quietly drift to earth in a singular, steady procession, leaving bare tree tops silhouetted against monochromatic sky.  Lighter-than-air mist floats among branches, outlining remnants of autumnal spiderwebs with dainty droplets. Moisture collects into plump spheres that drip to the  tip of pine needles. The scent of the air is rich, fresh, sweet, nostalgic. Walking through damp woods on a damp day is an ageless pleasure.  ~K








Salem, SC


Humidity: 29%

Wind: 7 mph

  • 18 Dec 2018

    Mostly Sunny 58°F 40°F

  • 19 Dec 2018

    Cloudy 52°F 38°F

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