Take a peek past the petals into the intimate structure


  Take a peek past the petals into the intimate structure of a flower. Does its architecture favor self-fertilization from its own pollen-crusted stamens, or is it waiting for a visit from bee, beetle, or other bug? Later-season blooms will invite the wind to cast fine golden nuggets far and wide, but this weeks' ephemeral beauties hug the ground, offering sweet nectar to early hatches of insects.  Can you feel the slight stickiness of a pistil ready to receive the fine nuggets of pollen, pulling them deep inside to waiting ovary? Insects attracted and pollen delivered, a flower’s duty is done. Petals wilt, fall, and the ovary swells with seeds of new life. It feels a bit voyeuristic, this peeking into the private parts of a flower, but otherwise we miss some of the wonder and mystery of new life. ~K


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