Tree flowers joyfully cast clouds of pollen to the winds, tree seeking tree in this evolutionary reproductive dance. Swirling breeze lifts the yellow grains to receptive flowers in neighboring trees, and life goes on. But when the winds die and the rains fall, pollen falls too, depositing a yellow film on every outside surface. Thick as pond scum, wads of pollen collect in clumps and swirls on water’s surface, pushed by ceaseless water movement to the shore. The pollen of pines is said to increase libido, being one of the few substances on earth with the ability to stimulate measurable testosterone. It balances hormone production. It's packed with vitamins and minerals. Oak pollen, on the other hand, can cause fatigue, headache, sinus pressure, and a decrease in the ability to taste, smell, and even hear! Powerful stuff, this pollen. Use it wisely! ~K 




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Lake Jocassee Weather





Humidity: 92%

Wind: 8.08 m/h

  • 24 Jan 2020

    Rain 49°F 39°F

  • 25 Jan 2020

    Mostly Sunny 53°F 37°F

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