Carpenter bees will visit any boat that stops for more than


Wild. Life.

Carpenter bees will visit any boat that stops for more than a  minute in the middle of Lake Jocassee. We point out their shiny backsides, which easily distinguish these gentle bees from their bumblebee cousins. Approaching a rock where Horsepasture River glides smoothly underneath lake, a kaleidoscope of petite azure butterflies and big, beautiful tiger swallowtails puddle together on a rock, and they rise together in a cloud of fluttering color at our approach, while a dragonfly rests above on bridge railing. Behind a thundering waterfall, dusky salamanders are almost invisible against wet rock, and underneath a protective shelf rock a lampshade spider weaves its perfect web. High overhead a bald eagle soars and circles. Wildlife? Yes, we are blessed with a bounty of wildlife around Lake Jocassee. Wildlife is so much more than bears and bobcats. ~K

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We depart from the main boat dock at Devils Fork State Park, Salem SC, 28676