Well now. Here is something completely unexpected.

NEW SIGHTS  Well now. Here is something completely unexpected. In our absence (and how long has it been since we wandered this way?) a nice hillock of Oconee Bells has appeared, right beside a spur trail leading to the Foothills Trail. Not so long ago these bright green plants grew higher up the mountainside, but a large chunk of earth let go and slid, neatly landing a large patch of Jocassee’s most renowned wildflower most intimately next to the trail. It appears that no Bells were harmed in the relocation; they are quite intact, complete with a couple of fresh and perfect Christmas ferns. What a treat to have these beautiful plants so close, and elevated by this chunk of mountain earth to afford a close-up viewing. That isn’t the only change on this walk. A new stream has cut a channel through the middle of the trail. The large sign marking the trailhead has fallen. Otherwise, all is as we last saw it, only a season advanced. It’s a beautiful walk on this clear, cool spring day, and we rejoice to be out enjoying it. ~K


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