That's the magic number that experts say the combination of air temperature


150! That’s the magic number that experts say the combination of air temperature and water temperature must reach to make swimming safe. Someone forgot to tell the Canadians, who swim right through the winter around here, but on Friday this week, right at 1pm, the air temp hit 80 and the water temp hit 70. I could put this off no longer, excusing myself no more from the frigid spring challenge by citing the ‘experts’. So in I went, right into the clear waters at Tahiti Beach. Had to do it, don’t you know, I had guests aboard who expected nothing less. At 150, there is little difference between screaming pain and screaming joy. Such is the beginning of swimming season on Lake Jocassee.

27! There are perhaps many words to describe chaos, but the two words Boy Scouts fits the bill today! Make that 27 Boy Scouts, all in the process of hauling gear and pitching tents as we were prepared  to shuttle them, their scout leaders and their 17 canoes for a day of paddling and exploring on Lake Jo. Herding cats would be a polite way to describe the leaders’ efforts to get this scout show on the road. It was hilarious. Warm weather finally gives us the opportunity to work with young people, and we love it.

BLOOM REPORT-Stretches of shoreline where mountain laurel are in full bloom, and other stretches where short-leaf rhododendron (lovingly referred to as ‘punctatums’) are in full bloom. One mock orange blooming on the way into Laurel Fork Falls grotto, and maple-leaf and other viburnums blooming in deep, moist coves all over the lake, along with Virginia sweetspire on the southern end. Alternate-leaf dogwoods in full bloom, and climbing hydrangeas budding. Way up in the treetops, the sweet scent of golden yellow tulip poplar blossoms with (lickably) sweet orange splotches. Cross vine twining through the trees and shrubs, blooming profusely in that lovely yellow and not-quite-red combo. And, of course, a strange and wonderful purple mountain indigo-bush, hanging out over the lake.

SPRING BIRDING REPORT/SEEN-great blue herons, green herons, spotted sandpipers, tree swallows, rough- winged swallows, one immature bald eagle, one lone loon with what appeared to be a wing injury, trying its desperate best to catch fish in some very shallow water.

SPRING BIRDING REPORT/HEARD. The lovely song of the black-throated green warbler seemed to fill the air along the forest edge of the Howard Creek arm of the lake. Watch and Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8eHggNRbps

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