Sounds like a desert wheather report, doesn't it,

but that’s how it’s been this week at Jocassee, the wettest place in the East. It’s been a nice reprieve from this summer’s nearly daily deluges, but I must admit I already miss the rain. Clear skies, warm weather, and a receding lake does make for a nice Labor Day weekend, though. The lake is down a couple of feet for the first time this summer, which pleases both the power boat and paddling folks. Pure dreamy around here, some would say. 

HIDDEN SUMMER MONTH. Ah, September. All the joys of summer without the crowds. Thank goodness for football and public schools. I’m going to swim every day til it gets cold, which won’t be til October some time!
TRICIA’S WILDLIFE REPORT. Some guides have all the luck, and this week the luck fell to our guide extraordinare Tricia. She reported seeing 7 bald eagles (with the probability that some were seen more than once), a spotted fawn swimming in front of Coley Creek, and a black bear swimming across the lake near Laurel Fork Falls!


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