Calm would be the word for early September at Jocassee.

Warm, dry for the most part, and calm. Peaceful, really. It did rain a bit on Friday, one of those beautiful windless rains filled with sunlight, as were the webworm webs, which capture and contain light like no other natural structure I know. There is a hurricane brrewing a ways off in the Atlantic, predicted to bring us some rain by midweek, but it is the wildlife storm on the way which has my attention. Towards the end of September we will be looking skyward for the fall hawk migration, watched with such intensity every year from Caesar's Head Mountain, but also seen way up the river gorges on the north end of the lake, and the monarch butterfly migration, as they grace our presence on their way to the mountains of Mexico. Our wonderful guide Tricia counted nearly 300 hawks in just one outing last September. Ducks are high above us most ever day now, flying by in such a frenzy. My heart and mind drift towawrds the coming loons this time of year. Here are two links to learn more about the coming hawk and monarch migrations. Read up! 
Hawk Migration

Monarch Migration 

ZACH'S WILDLIFE REPORT: Our excellent young guide Zach Maddox had the big week this week, sighting 5 squirrels swimming across the lake and 3 eagles in the same neighborhood, none of whom took advantage of such an easy meal! And one lone Northern water snake, usually seen along the banks well up the Jocassee river gorges, yet swimming across the middle of the basin in the lower lake. I guess snakes can take a wrong turn sometimes too.~B




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