The fall colors are showing up a bit late this year, but they're finally showing!

In fact, it is most always the case that the ‘peak’ time along the shore of Lake Jo is in early November, but usually by late October there is more color by now than there has been thus far. But fear not, the fall colors have started to appear from behind the green shield of summer. The show is just now starting. And the loons! ‘Our’ loons and the other waterbirds of winter on Lake Jo are appearing early this year. In years past it is usually mid-November before our first loons arrive, but this year they started to arrive last week, as if to help along this recalcitrant fall. Early birds and late fall color... it’s a crescendo of fall wonder at Jocassee.
WINTER WILDLIFE REPORT. From minks to white squirrels to swimming bears, it's been a wild few weeks on Lake Jocassee.

WINTER BIRD REPORT. It’s on around here. Multiple eagles and loons are sighted most every day, Ring-billed and Bonapartes’ gulls are arriving, and just a few Horned grebes have been spotted. It just gets better from now on.~B



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