According to meteorologists, winter begins on Dec. 1, and I whole heartedly concur.

It’s wet, cold and overcast this first day of winter, an entirely proper way to begin the season. And what a season it is. It is, after all, the season of….
LOONS! December is the last month of the fall migration of the common loon to our part of the world, but there are already loons scattered throughout the lake. Loons are the life of the lake in winter, them and of the course the…
HIDDEN WATERFALLS! A trip on Lake Jocassee this time of year offers so many wonders not seen the rest of the year, including several towering waterfalls that remain cloaked by dense tree cover the rest of the year. Let us introduce you to just one today, Tall Falls. If you don’t come onto Lake Jocassee in the winter months, youll never know it’s there. ~BW


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