They’re still coming and going most every day, in groups of 10 or 15, and all alone as well. 

I wonder about the solitary loons. Why do they stay to themselves? Why do they travel alone when most of their kind seem to prefer to migrate in small groups? Migratory loons are wildly hungry when they get here, and a thrill to watch as they go after their prey with such ferocity. If Oconee Bells are America’s most interesting plant, surely loons are America’s most enigmatic bird. There are always more questions than answers.


In full bloom: Dogwood, Fraser magnolia, horsesugar, foam flower, branch lettuce, cliff saxifrage, Solomon seal, doghobble, mountain fetterbush, pink azalea. Budding: flame azalea, small leaf rhododendron, pagoda dogwood, and much, much more..

SWIMMER’S REPORT. Almost. With lake temperatures just about 60 degrees, you can get in, but I defy you to stay in more than a minute or two. On the other hand, I have seen some tourists joyfully swimming most every day this week. Canadians, I would imagine. ~B

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