There is a sometime sound in the forest around Lake Jocassee that is like no other.

When you first hear it you’ll think a wandering minstrel is practicing his flute far off in the woods. Or perhaps it’s a piccolo. Come over to the woods behind the parking lot for the day use area at Devils Fork State Park soon, some morning early. You’ll likely hear the song of the Wood thrush. The sound fills the surrounding woods. Bring your troubles with you, your woes. They’ll ride away on the music, as it drifts through the forest.

Listen to the wood thrush here!

LOON REPORT. Waves of loons have been landing on the lake, preceding all the April spring storms that have been roaring through. This is the unknown, unstudied part of the life cycle of the common loon. There is so much to be learned here. A research project for next April is in the works. Stay tuned!

SWIMMER'S REPORT. The surface water had hit 60 degrees, the temperature at which crazed fools (and Canadians) are ready for their first swim. This was to be the week of the first swim for me, but alas, a cold front has come through this Saturday. But it’s close. A few sunny days and we’ll be back at the point of no return again. ~B

BLOOM REPORT. Showy flowers and subtle flowers abound. Look for Fraser magnolia trees with creamy white (magnolia-like) flowers all along the edge of the lake,  dogwoods shining bright white throughout the woods, saxifrage blooming both on cliff faces and in waterfalls, Gorges rhododendron just beginning to bloom up the Whitewater arm, and much, much more!


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