Have you noticed? You can't miss it if you're a morning person,

and if you’re not, its time to mend that problem of yours. Not being a morning person is DNA driven, but it’s a tendency, not an inevitability! So up you go, sleepy heads, and listen to symphony of bird songs that will fill your ears this time of year. The birds get started about half hour before sunrise, just as the first light filters onto your yard, or ours, or the woods adjacent to Eclectic Sun at Devils Fork State Park, which we call Debbie’s Woods.  Yesterday I heard the loveliest of all spring bird songs, the song of the Wood thrush, well before sunrise. What a charmed way to start the day. And he sang all day and into the evening! A certain sign that our woods are blessed. And early this morning, for the first time, I heard quite closely the songs of two competing Chuck will's widows. I’ve never heard two of them singing at once before. There’s no way to sleep in when that is going on! Attached here is the link to the song of the Wood thrush, in case you missed it last week. Listen up!

BLOOM REPORT. Everything, ok? But dominate blooming trees this week have white blooms: Fraser magnolia, fragrant white drupes of black locust, and dogwood. The orange-throated yellow blooms of cross vine climb trees and drape across branches in nearly every cove.

SWIMMER’S REPORT. Oh so close. The surface temp is 65 degrees. On a sunny day in the 80’s, that good enough for at least a quick dip. In any case, May 1 is the deadline. That’s the rule, you know. ~B

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