Loons so close you could nearly touch them, otters swimming under the dock.

That’s how one of my wonderful Jocassee days started this week. Schools of forage fish were scattered throughout the basin in front of the main dock, and all-that-eats-fish were upon them. Bonaparte’s and ring-billed gulls were diving from overhead, loons were swimming so close to the dock I thought I could hand feed them, while an otter swam directly under me as I stood there, almost as though he was swimming between my legs. When the big feed is on with fish-eating animals, our presence is of little concern to them. Did I mention that an eagle flew overhead while all this was going on, while against the far shore a stoic great blue heron watched us, enwrapped as he was in the peak of fall color? It was a fine Jocassee morning.~B


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