Bonaparte’s gulls have been here since the loons began arriving, in early November, feeding ferociously on what appears to be a huge hatch of shad. The minnows have filled the water column since at least early December, much to the delight of not only the gulls, but loons and horned grebes as well. The gulls were here through the end of the year, and then they simply disappeared, overnight. The minnows are still here, as are the grebes and the loons, but not the gulls. Phenology, I presume, something in their DNA that tells them to move on south this time of year, every year.

WOOD FROG REPORT. And speaking of phenology, the wood frogs were singing their crazed mating song today (Saturday), right on schedule, in the still water well-hidden along the Oconee Bell Trail at Devils Fork.  They do this every year, following the first rains of January. Every year. ~B

You can listen here:


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