The agony and the ecstasy. someone once wrote.

Surely the writer was from the mountains of Upstate South Carolina, and a birder, no doubt. Spring is upon us here and the early mornings are filled with the melodies of migrating songbirds. The ears are filled, but in my case not the eyes. Every spring I become entranced by what birders call the morning chorus. It is mesmerizing, but incredibly frustrating as well. Vireos and warblers are tiny, after all, and the hardwood trees of the foothills are tall and sport dense canopies. I cannot, for the life of me, find those little guys that sing so beautifully. Out each morning early with my trusting dog Mica, binoculars strapped on, bird book in my satchel, I’m ready to find and identify them. By mid-morning I return, rejected, defeated, and yet somehow still ecstatic. Mixed emotions are an affliction of mine this time of year. It can be agonizing.
EAGLET REPORT. Is that one baby bald eagle on the nest, or two? I’m betting two, but it’s hard to say for sure just yet.  
SWIMMER’S REPORT. What with the park opening back up and our tours restarting, we think a symbolic, celebratory jump into the lake would be in order. We’re hoping for a warm week to bring the surface water temperature up from a current, rather chilly 61 degrees. Join us if you like, if you dare! A very short swim is predicted. ~B

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We depart from the main boat dock at Devils Fork State Park, Salem SC, 28676