It sure seems like an early Memorial Day this year.

MAY 25 2020
It sure seems like an early Memorial Day this year. Traditionally Memorial Day is considered the first day of summer, but that’s far from the case astronomically. The weather this week favors the astronomical definition. Cold, windy and rainy through much of the week, only yielding this weekend to more summer appropriate weather. This Saturday the dock is busy, as is the day use area, but nothing like the news reports of crowds at the beach. It still feels safe and cautious. I hope that will hold when summer really arrives. And the good news? The mid-week inclement weather brought quite a few migrating loons to rest on Lake Jocassee. I counted 25 in just two groups, and others of us brought in news of other sightings. It is entirely unusual to see more than a few loons this time of year. For you loon lovers out there, loons this time of year are likely younger birds, not yet ready for breeding, who winter along the Atlantic coast as far north as Newfoundland, and in interior northern lakes as well. The day to day joy of life on Jocassee is knowing that once you have left the dock, you absolutely never know what you’re going to see. It’s always an adventure.
SWIMMER’S REPORT. Oh so close. On sunny days the surface water temperature is reaching 70 by the end of the day. Kids are swimming today, this finally sunny day before Memorial Day. The adults? Not so much.~B

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