JUST FOR SENIORS!  Let's get Outside!

Jocassee Lake tours offers special tours and pricing for our valued Senior Organizations.  In 2012, National Geographic magazine named the Jocassee Gorges “One of the 50 Last Great Places on Earth”.  Some of our most rewarding experiences have been with seasoned adults who sometimes lack enough mobility to feel safe in the great outdoors. Being in a big, clean, comfortable pontoon boat offers a sense of security so they can sit back, relax and enjoy the surroundings.

In fact, it has been our experience that “Lake Jocassee heals all,” since being in nature is both refreshing and soothing to the spirit. Listening to the sounds of the forest, gliding over water into a cool cove where you can almost feel the spray from a waterfall, then gliding back out to let the warm sunshine caress the skin… well, need we say more? It is a wonderful experience, and one we are honored to share.

                                                                                                                                        Check Out This Video! Wright Creek Falls
JOCASSEE LAKE TOURS offers these private, shorter tours just for nature-loving elders. These special tours are two hours in length, leaving plenty of time to visit some of Lake Jocassee’s most beautiful waterfalls and wild rivers.  Private tours are available weekdays, every month of the year, though we do recommend the fair weather months of April, May, September and October for Seniors. We can accommodate small groups and up to 48 people. We have plenty of cold water and you may bring what every refresments you would like while on the tour.  
Senior Tours are handicapped accessible. $35.00 per person, $300 minimum per boat.



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We depart from the main boat dock at Devils Fork State Park, Salem SC, 28676