That’s what one of our guests exclaimed while watching the glorious sunset Thursday night, as we were waiting for the Harvest Moon to rise. And rise it did, in all its pumpkin orange radiance. It was a night with perfectly clear skies, as this whole week has been, so the moon shined at it brightest, as it did on Wednesday night when we were out on our Wednesday Evening Sunset Tour.  The moon rose just a bit before the sun set that evening, as it does every month on the day before the full moon. Early October evenings. Elegant tranquility.

Jocassee borealis. Photo by Tony Asselin

SWIMMER’S REPORT (and kayak report) A funny thing happens when October rolls around. All of a sudden folks think it’s too cold to swim, or even to get too close to the water in a kayak! Au contraire, dear readers, au contraire. The water temperature is still in the mid-seventies, the air temperature in the low eighties. That makes for some fine swimming, so come on back over, will you? it’s lonely swimming all by yourself.

FALL COLOR REPORT It’s on the way, but you have to look close. The world looks pretty green from afar, but when you hug the shoreline you’ll clearly see that things are on their way to fall brilliance. In particular, the sourwood trees are deep red, the sweet gums are starting to show their multi-colored magic, and the dogwoods are sporting bright red berries. The season is upon us. 



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