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Brooks Wade

a duck swimming in a body of water

Chasing loons. My wife Kay, editor of the Blue Wall Weekly, said to me the other day that all I ever write about in winter is loons. Well, au contraire! I write about Bonaparte’s gulls too, after all. So here it is in the depths of summer, and I’m packing to go chase Jocassee loons in Minnesota and Wisconsin, from whence ‘our’ loons come in late fall. Finally, after 40 years of loving loons, I will have a few days to spend with loons in summer. While there, I will join Dr. Jay Mager, who has headed the winter research here for the last eight years,  to give talks on Jocassee loons to the National Loon Center in Minnesota and the venerable LoonWatch organization in Wisconsin, This will, of course, give me grounds to write about loons for the Blue Wall Weekly  for several weeks to come, right in middle of the summer high season for Lake Jocassee. Just how lucky can a guy get? ~B

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